Motherhood, fatherhood and childbearing are two of the most important transformations that women and men go through. The arrival of a baby into our lives brings much joy, hopes and aspirations, but the postnatal period has another side that we normally don’t see and are not told about: the exhaustion, the sleepless hours, the baby’s constant physical and emotional demands, the concerns about doing it well, the “opinions and advice” of those around us, the doubts, etc. The family also gets transformed, and finding a new balance between the different parts (father, mother, baby…) is not always easy; the couple’s agreements, roles and responsibilities must be readjusted; in fact, it is not uncommon that some conflicts occur within the couple during the first years of motherhood. All of this makes us find ourselves in a vital crisis and it constitutes a new opportunity to learn, to acquire self-knowledge and to grow that is not always easy to face.

At this important time it is crucial to have effective, loving and warm support, someone to share your doubts and fears with, who can offer you support, guidance and listening in an appropriate space so we can dip into this new transformation, this new quest that will allow us to experience motherhood more freely, with more awareness and higher emotional tools that allow ourselves to see the Other and open ourselves to new agreements and better ways to relate with ourselves, our children, our couple and others.

Who am I?

I am a Clinical Psychologist trained in couples and family therapy and in motherhood, parenthood and childbearing. I have 15 years of experience as a psychotherapist in different areas. During 11 years I worked mostly with adults in individual psychotherapy and in couples and family therapy, which I continue to do. Over the last 4 years, I have also worked in Perinatal Psychology, which means that I guide the psychological processes of pregnant women and couples during the pregnancy, delivery, postpartum period and child raising. I live in Barcelona and I am a woman, wife and mother of two. I am also a doula and a breastfeeding consultant.

I got my degree in Social Psychology in 2002 in Universidad Central de Venezuela. In 2004 I obtained a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, also in Venezuela, and from that moment I mostly worked as a psychotherapist and as a university professor. I also worked in Gender Violence and Sexual Abuse, HIV-AIDS, and with children and their families in the Nephrology Service of Hospital de Niños J. M. de los Ríos, in Caracas.

In 2008 I moved to Barcelona to enroll in two Masters programs: Psychology and Analytic Psychotherapy at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, and Systemic Family Therapy at Hospital de Sant Pau. Driven by the desire of pursuing a professor carrier in Barcelona, I also enrolled in a Masters degree in Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Thinking at Universidad Pompeu Fabra, with the intention of carrying on to the Humanities PhD but, happily I experienced motherhood in 2011 and with it, a deep transformation of myself that also affected my wishes and professional vocation; it was then when I did my doula and breastfeeding consultant training and, at the same time, got into the passionate world of Perinatal Psychology, with the purpose and desire to accompany women in this important moment of their lives. Since then I work in my private practice accompanying women and families during pregnancy, delivery and immediate postpartum. If you would like to contact me, you can do it through my email ilianaparis@hotmail.com or you can give me a call on +34 664 704 676.